Mental Health: Bailey and Rick Talk at You: Episode 1

Last week I had a really, really tough day. Like, bad enough for me to need to email the top people at my MFA program to let them know I wasn’t okay, tough. I started doing daily yoga “for Rick,” since I couldn’t bring myself to do it for me. With exercise’s help (UGH, the obnoxious truth…) my mood began to shift out of a deep pit of depression.

When I emerged…

Rick said my Wednesday posts are a colossal bummer (lol) and suspects that they bring me down like weekly clockwork. For a while I’ve also thought about how Wednesday posts only portray part of who I am. I pride myself on my transparency and open discussion of what it means to be a woman living with mental illness, but I’ve also got a wild sense of humor and bring a lot of lightness to life when I’m able to. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know this from my stories. :)

I’ve been thinking about how to bring some levity to my blog for some time. Between my low lows and being overwhelmed by my thesis (due in less than one month!), though, I’ve only just been able to employ the idea of Rick and I doing something together.

So! The following is our first video! It’s awkward, amateur, and we had a great time making it. Hopefully it shows you a bit more of who I am, not just a sad slug 24/7. I’m actually a sad slug 23/6, thank you very much.

If for any reason the embed doesn’t work, you can watch the video here.

Hopefully someone other than my mom watches it, but if it is just you, mom, hi mom!

Rick’s pretty elusive on the internet, so let’s give Rick a warm welcome!


Wednesday posts cover something that’s top of mind for me that week and are written in a short period of time. This means that editing is not strong. While it’s not my best work, it is my best, unfiltered thought.

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7 thoughts on “Mental Health: Bailey and Rick Talk at You: Episode 1

  1. Hey Bailey, I’ll be a watcher. I don’t do Instagram so I can only watch if I see it on Facebook. Jenny and Meagan will watch too! Love you, Dena

    • Bailey, you and Rick/Wilson are great!! Can’t wait for next week!!
      Love, The Hardings of Plano

  2. My favorite part about this video was how you and Rick, in sync smiled at the end in as if that was the only part of the video that was planned. Made me laugh.

  3. Hey Bailey, i am not your mom and I watched all 9 mins and 42 seconds of the video. At first when I saw how long it was I didn’t intend to, but the dialogue and especially the “chemistry” between you and Rick aka Wilson (to you but unbeknownst to Rick 😀) draws me to the end.
    I’ve read your writing off and on, every time I saw them from your Mom’s feed. You have a gift with words and with expressing your emotions (a long overdue comment). After each reading I often wondered about your husband. It takes a strong man to stand by a wife with a chronic illness, be it physical or mental. (I also pray for you, your husband, and your marriage.
    Now about the video, I like what I see in you, in Rick, and in the way you two relate to each other. Too long already to go into details what they are. In short, keep smiling and laughing, Bailey. Keep being easygoing and not critical nor argumentative, and transparent but not cynical. The way you are (in the video) is what draws a husband home. I like Rick’s answer. Keep loving your wife in your unique way, Rick. You two seem complement each other.
    Oh yes, I’ll try and watch the 2nd episode.
    PS. I didn’t know “teen” (spelling?) was for quarantine til this video. Rick, not siding with you, just fact 😄)

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